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A talk on early web history

Earlier today, I gave a talk on Rick Smolan, Dave Winer, Jorn Barger and the Genealogy of Blogging as Network 2000 at the Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space in Amsterdam.

Review: Pathways of the Mind

The late John Miles Foley (1947–2012) was a highly respected scholar of oral poetry. In his last book, Oral Tradition and the Internet: Pathways of the Mind (2012), which is the print version of his Pathways Project wiki, he proposes a structural analogy between the way oral poets fashion their performances and the manner in… Read more »

Happy belated!

A little background on Dave Winer’s Scripting News, roughly on the occasion of its fifteenth anniversary.

But the coolest filtering is personality-driven

In August 1997, Infoworld arguably ran the earliest press article on blogging: Blood’s simple You may have caught wind of the latest technology that promises to be every user’s electronic secretary: intelligent agents. In theory, these bots will eventually crawl the Internet collecting and collating bits you’ve indicated might be of value. We haven’t seen… Read more »

Chris Gulker

Back in the early days of the web, the photojournalist and media sage Chris Gulker made a significant contribution helping drag newspapers into the digital age. He also helped define blogging as a network medium. Chris learned a few years ago that he was suffering from a rare and fast-spreading yet inoperable form of brain… Read more »

HotWired: The fifth iteration of the front door

Between May 1996 and 30 June 1997, the Web zine HotWired used a front page design that prefigured the weblog interface. Uncharacteristically for HotWired, the design launched to no fanfare in May 1996. Lexis Nexis has neither a press release nor any other contemporaneous mention in its archives. I’ve started a list of the known… Read more »

Blogosphere 1998: chunked diagram

The big network diagram [PDF] I first offered in a provisional analysis of the Blogosphere 1998 is awkward. It may take a long time to render in a PDF viewer, and once it has rendered, zooming in for the smaller node labels and zooming out for the general lay of the land is too fiddly…. Read more »

Source texts on link attribution

Did link attributions raise the blogosphere in 1998? When Jorn Barger discovered Chris Gulker’s “whole list of other weblogs” 5 Jan 1998, he returned from his exploration with a handful of URLs that he listed on Robot Wisdom Weblog as “cribbed links” without further attribution. By the middle of February, however, Barger instituted a system… Read more »

Blogosphere 1998

Some work in progress: I’ve been doing research towards a State of the Blogosphere in 1998: the preliminary analysis is based on a data set that requires some commentary. The data set attempts to be an exhaustive catalogue of all the links that passed from one weblog to another prior to 31 Dec 1998. While… Read more »